SAT Versus ACT

Which Test Should I Take?

Which Test Should I Take, the SAT or ACT?

The short answer is that you should take whichever test(s) the colleges to which you’re applying require. If one of your top choice schools only accepts the SAT, then you should take the SAT, and vice versa. With that said, all 4-year universities now universally accept the ACT, so the choice between SAT and ACT is up to you. So let’s consider the two options side by side.



So which test should I take? Let’s look at three factors — the time crunch, the math section and the science section.


The ACT requires you to answer far more questions in a given amount of time, so if test anxiety is an issue for you, you may be better off taking the SAT which allots more time per question. Note, however, that SAT questions can at times be more challenging, necessitating the greater amount of time.


Geometry and Trigonometry make up to one-third of the ACT math questions, whereas they make up far less of the SAT math section. So, if geometry and trigonometry are your math subjects of choice, the ACT may be the right choice for you. The ACT however does not provide mathematical formulas, unlike the SAT, so be sure to memorize those geometric equations.


If science is your weakness, which for Rocket Girls it isn’t, then the SAT, without a science section, is the way to go. If you think you’ll shine on the science section, then take the ACT. Of course, keep in mind that the new SAT now includes two scientific/technical passages in its Reading Section.

In short, it doesn’t really matter which of the two tests you take, as long as the schools for which you’re applying accept both. You may want to take both and see which one you score better on. Then, focus your preparations on improving your score on that test.

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