Biology Books for Kids (Ages 10 and Up)

Biology Books for Kids Ages 10 and Up

Here are some biology books for your pre-teen to help foster her love of the biological sciences.

Extreme Biology: It's Life but Not as We Know It (2013) by Simon Basher (ages 10-15). The smallest, the toughest, the ickiest microbes. Kids won’t notice they’re learning things because of the cartoony illustrations and gross-out facts.

The Snake Scientist (1999) by Sy Montgomery (ages 10 and up). The book discusses the communal -hibernation of garter snakes in Canada, with many startling photographs of tangles of hundreds of snakes. The snake pictures will excite any child, but the book is uniquely good at explaining how scientists do their job and why.

10 Plants that Shook the World. (2013) by Gillian Richardson (ages 10 and up). This book discusses 10 economically or historically important plants in a chatty episodic format. It covers a lot of information in an edgy style (with edgy illustrations) that sarcastic children will enjoy, and mentions many important plant pathogens along the way.

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