Biology Books for Kids (Ages 8 and Up)

Biology Books for Kids Ages 8 and Up

Check out these titles to support your Rocket Girl's interest in biology.

Aliens from Earth: When Animals and Plants Invade Other Ecosystems (2003) by Mary Batten (ages 8 and up). Explores how and why plants and animals enter ecosystems to which they are not native, as well as the consequences of these invasions for other animals, plants, and humans.
Cells Are Us. Fran Balkwill. (Ages 8 and Up) Carolrhoda Books (1990). Amusing, fact-filled text and clever cartoons explain the functions of the cells in the human body.

Crawdad Creek. Scott Russell Sanders. (8-12 Years) National Geographic (1999). Exquisitely detailed paintings capture the beauty of the wild, natural world waiting to be discovered. The book encourages readers to go outside; find moving water; and open their eyes, ears, and hearts to the wilderness everywhere. A wonderful book to encourage young readers to observe all the details of the world around them.

Great Migrations. Elizabeth Carney. (8-12 Years) National Geographic (2010). Based on the National Geographic t Channel’s special, this book follows the migrations of 8 different animals, this book is filled with stunning photographs, migration maps, and interesting facts.

The Secret World of Whales by Charles Siebert, illustrated by Molly Baker (ages 8 to 12)
A comprehensive look at the whale world, including whales in literature, the history of whaling and highlights of current whale science. For example, one page mentions the work of Hal Whitehead, who was featured in the recent Smithsonian story about sperm whales.

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