Biology Books for Kids (Ages 9 and Up)

Biology Books for Kids Ages 9 and Up

Cells and Systems. Holly Wallace. (Ages 9 and Up) Heinemann Library (2001). Cells and Systems looks at how every living thing, no matter how big or how small, is made up of cells. It explains how the specialized cells make up the important tissues and organs like skin and bone, and how the heart and lungs keep us alive.

Far from Shore: Chronicles of an Open Ocean Voyage by Sophie Webb (ages 9 to 12)
Webb, a naturalist and artist, documents a four-month research voyage in the Pacific on the NOAA ship McArthur II with fascinating diary entries (marked by latitude and longitude so readers can map out her journey for themselves) and beautiful illustrations of the creatures she saw along the way.

Micro Mania: A Really Close-up Look at Bacteria, Bedbugs & the Zillions of Other Gross Little Creatures That Live In, On & All Around you! (revised 2011) by Jordan D. Brown (ages 9 and up). This a good inexpensive book on general (or even “random”) biology in an encyclopedia format good for continued perusal. It has a high gross factor for kids who like that, but also discusses molecular biology techniques.

Journey Into the Invisible by Christine Schlitt (ages 9 to 12). If you have used a magnifying glass, you know that a speck of dust or a leaf looks a lot different when it’s magnified. The author of this book explains what microscopes do and then shows what happens to things around the house when looked at with this amazing scientific tool. A salt crystal magnified 30 times looks like a super-modern apartment building. The bacteria that live in your mouth, when magnified 20,000 times, look a bit like swimming pool noodles. Fascinating photos are paired with suggestions about how you can learn a lot about the world around you, just by looking a little closer.

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