Biology Books for Kids (Under 4)

Biology Books for Kids Under 4

Here are some biology books to help engender in your youngest rocket girl a love for the life sciences.

First the Egg (Caldecott Honor Book and Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book (Awards)). Laura Vaccaro Seeger. (2-6 Years) Roaring Brook Press (2007). This award-winning picture book combines simple text (“First the egg...then the chicken”) with cut-outs to allow readers to predict the next page. A great way to review the life cycles of chickens, frogs, butterflies, and more with very young children.

Fish Faces. Norbert Wu. (3 – 5 Years) Henry Holt and Company (1993). Sparse, rhythmic text and sharply detailed full-color photos introduce over 70 of these intriguing creatures. Fascinating introduction to the variations that exist among individuals of the same kind of animal.

Guess Where I Live (Peep-hole books). Anni Axworthy. (Under 4) Candlewick Press (1999). Readers follow the clues and peep through the holes to find out where animals live. A fun introduction to habitats for very young children. Two other peep-hole books by this author are Guess What I Am and Guess What I’ll Be.

If I Had A Tail. (3-6 Years) Karen Clemens Warrick. Rising Moon (2001). The reader is asked to guess what a creature is by the appearance and use of its tail.

Books to Encourage Children’s Number Sense

Top 10 Children's Books about Numbers

10 Top Children’s Book about Numbers

Does your child love numbers? Do you want your child to love numbers? Then stock your library with these 10 reads, from preschool titles to middle school. Read them with your child and you’ll get as big a kick out of them as she does. Maybe even more.

1. Math Curse by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

Math Curse is about a student whose math teacher claims that everything can be seen as a math problem. Everything in her life becomes a math problem which she learns to solve to absolve herself of the “math curse.”