Colleges with the Highest Average ACT Scores of Incoming Freshman

Which colleges have the highest average composite ACT scores among their incoming classes?  Here are the Top 100 Colleges as determined by Forbes, sorted by average ACT scores, average SAT scores and average GPA among their incoming classes.

RankingNameGPASAT CompositeACT
22Duke University4.17154034
57Harvey Mudd College4.1151034
6Harvard University4.04154034
33California Institute of Technology4.23156034
47Vanderbilt University3.76152033
21Bowdoin College3.8150033
5Yale University4.19154033
13University of Notre Dame4.11148033
32Rice University4.08151033
16Northwestern University4.11150033
3Stanford University4.18152033
63Washington University in St. Louis4.13152033
20University of Chicago4.16152033
4Princeton University3.91154033
62Johns Hopkins University3.74147032
17Wesleyan University3.76147032
25Cornell University4.01148032
14Dartmouth College4.1151032
12University of Pennsylvania3.94150032
37Boston College3.92143032
9Amherst College4.04149032
2Williams College4.05149032
56Carnegie Mellon University3.72147032
8Brown University4.05149032
1Pomona College4.08150032
19Haverford College4.01148032
7Swarthmore College4.06149031
73Cooper Union3.6140031
71University of Southern California3.73145031
15Columbia University4.13152031
40Colgate University3.66141031
28Vassar College3.99147031
29Washington and Lee University3.97145031
30Carleton College4.03148031
44Colby College3.66141031
51Hamilton College3.95145031
90Georgia Institute of Technology3.95143031
23Georgetown University3.96146031
34Middlebury College3.96145031
35University of California, Berkeley3.86144031
24Tufts University4.06149031
66Union College3.5931
67Macalester College3.88141031
18Claremont McKenna College4147031
52Reed College3.9144031
70Bates College3.89141031
74Lehigh University3.83137030
41University of Michigan, Ann Arbor3.82143030
65Grinnell College3.94142030
42Barnard College3.86142030
26Wellesley College3.96145030
39College of William & Mary4.16143030
92Connecticut College3.86140030
46Oberlin College3.59144030
79Emory University3.75143030
48Kenyon College3.9140030
31Davidson College3.9140030
93University of Maryland, College Park4.11137030
72Villanova University3.86137030
36University of Virginia4.22140030
54Smith College3.9141030
80Scripps College4.13145030
77New York University3.71141030
38United States Air Force Academy3.83137030
58Franklin and Marshall College3.81136030
59Wake Forest University3.85138030
60University of Rochester3.8141030
99University of Richmond3.8137030
75Brandeis University3.87140030
50Whitman College3.74138029
27United States Naval Academy3.86139029
61Colorado College3.84140029
95Mount Holyoke College3.66140029
55College of the Holy Cross3.82138029
85Santa Clara University3.66134029
11United States Military Academy at West Point3.8134029
64Bryn Mawr College3.85140029
91Boston University3.59137029
87Dickinson College3.75135029
43Bucknell University3.54137029
98Rhodes College3.78135029
94Occidental College3.6139029
96Denison University3.6132029
82University of Texas, Austin3.71133028
83University of Florida3.73134028
84Sewanee - University of the South3.62133028
81Trinity College3.78136028
76University of Washington3.76129028
45University of California, Los Angeles4.29137028
88Skidmore College3.71132028
89Centre College3.7131028
68University of Illionis, Urbana-Champaign3.83139028
69University of Wisconsin, Madison3.81135028
53Lafayette College3.46135028
100Trinity University3.5132028
78DePauw University3.75127027
97Wofford College3.54125026
49University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill3.29105222
86Wheaton College3.851230

These statistics were appended from the following sources:

And the individual schools' websites

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