Girls (and their parents who love them), if you truly believe that you want to pursue a science career, then read on...

Did you know that …

Women make up half of the total college-educated workforce, but only occupy 24% of the STEM workforce?

Did you know that …

More than 60% of life science majors are women, yet women only occupy 18% of life science tenured professorships (MIT News June 30, 2014)?

Did you know that …

Women occupy only 15% of engineering and 25% of computer and mathematical sciences positions (NSF Science and Engineering Indicators 2016)?

There’s a nationwide push to fill a surplus of STEM jobs with qualified STEM candidates, but where are all the women?


From: Melanie Fine


I know, because I was one of these women.  Years ago, I entered college set on a career in medicine.  I had taken all the science and math AP exams, had a good GPA, and was accepted to an Ivy league school.

My first day at Cornell, knowing no one, and across the country from my family and friends, I entered my first college physics class – physics for physics majors.  For the first time in my life, I was the only girl in a room of 60 or more boys.   I felt intimidated and out of place.

Physics had always been challenging for me, though I did well in high school physics and on the AP Physics exam.  That first day, the professor – a man, of course –grilled me in front of the entire class on whether I had satisfied the prerequisites for the course.  I don’t recall any one else getting this grilling, though I was feeling particularly self-conscious.

Who was I to be in that class, I thought to myself...

Who was I to be in this class, I thought to myself.  Who was I to be at this school?  That very day, I switched to an easier physics class, and never again considered physics an option for me.  That one experience was all it took.

According to this article in the New York Times:



According to the NY Times:

40% of entering STEM majors switch to another major by the time they graduate college.

60% of entering pre-medical students switch their majors by the time they graduate college.

Because, they say, that science majors are “too darn hard.”


Unlike the above statistics, I didn’t leave STEM.  Rather, I chose chemistry as my major.  After all, I was determined and I enjoyed a challenge.  But, upon graduation, I neither continued into medicine, or sought a job in the STEM workforce.

Many years later, I entered the STEM workforce as a high school chemistry – and physics 😉 – teacher.  And what I observed among my students

Charlotte, NC, USA --- Scientist Working on a Experiment in a Laboratory --- Image by © Thinkstock/Corbis

-- the girls especially – was the same trepidation – the same fear of not being good enough, the same self-doubt.  And after reading Sheryl Sandberg’s landmark book Lean In, all the pieces came together for me.

You see, it’s not that I was less qualified or less capable than my male classmates, it’s the BELIEF that I was. Sandberg cites studies arguing that men apply for jobs when they are 60% qualified, whereas women apply for jobs only when they are 100% qualified.

Men apply to jobs when they are 60% qualified, whereas women apply for jobs only when they are 100% qualified.

I believed that I was less qualified than every other student in that physics classroom back in college. And our girls have that same belief today.  And they don’t even realize it.

Our daughters spend so many years working hard in school, and even harder to excel in math and sciences.  They pass AP math and science classes, get accepted into a prestigious university, and just at the time when they need guidance, when their STEM courses get especially difficult –because you and I both know some of these courses are meant to weed out students – they abandon their dreams, navigating toward courses which improve their GPA.

We focus so much on getting into the right school, but so little about getting in the right career.

We focus so much on getting into the right school, but so little about getting in the right career.

That’s where we at Rocket Girls come in.

My name is Melanie Fine.  I have been teaching high school students science for over ten years.  Moreover, I have been mentoring students to pursue their dreams of a STEM career.


The Rocket Girls Blastoff Coaching Program


In this program, I share with you and your daughter the same lessons that have made my students so successful.

As your daughter's coach, I work with your high school daughter on a career plan, not a college plan.  Once she has a career plan, then she can apply to only the universities which support that plan.  Too often I see students abandon their dreams because the college they’re attending is not the right college for their major.

Professional college counselors address your daughter’s learning style, social needs and class size preferences, but too few of them understand the ins and outs of making it as a science major.

In planning a career, your daughter and I research the science majors and careers that have the highest rate of growth and job satisfaction.  We find the intersection between your daughter’s passions and these up-and-coming careers.


My cousin with an M.A. in marine biology works at a low paying government job because no one told her how flooded the field was, and how few jobs there were.  With the Rocket Girls Blastoff Program, your daughter won’t make that mistake.


Then, your daughter and I will delve deeper into her field of choice, researching the scientific literature to find a problem that has yet to be solved.   She will develop a research question and project to answer that question.  If her scientific research is good enough, she can even compete with other student scientists at major science fairs such as Intel’s ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) and Regeneron’s Science Talent Search.

Most importantly, your daughter and I will choose a mentor with whom she will not only do her high school research project, but more than that, get the experience and support she needs to launch her career.

When your daughter has a goal in front of her – her career choice -- and a team behind her – her mentor and I, it’s harder for one challenging college course to throw her off course.

Even if, after working in the field through high school and beyond, your daughter decides that this career is not for her, then she is making a choice based on knowledge and feedback, rather than fear.


The Rocket Girls Blastoff Program is an 8-Module Online Program with Weekly Individual Coaching, which can be completed in 8 weeks or more.

The Rocket Girls Blastoff Coaching Program

In these 8 modules, your daughter will learn:

Module 1:
Getting Started

  • In Module 1, your daughter and I get to know each other.  I assess what high school classes she’s already taken and which ones she still needs to take.
  • We’ll see which standardized tests she still needs to take and jumpstart her test preparation.
  • Together, we’ll make a 4-year high school plan to learn science, do science and make the meaningful connections she will need to accelerate her to the next level.
  • Even if she has already completed much of her high school career, our assessment will address how to get where she wants to go from wherever she is.

Module 2:
Exploring Science Careers

  • In Module 2 we’ll look at the hundreds of possible careers in science and math that your Rocket Girl may not even know about.
  • Your daughter will learn in this module how to find that perfect career that she is not only passionate about, but has more job openings than qualified candidates.
  • While most female science majors have trouble finding a position doing what they love after college, companies in the right fields will be lining up to offer your daughter a lucrative and fulfilling position.


Module 3:
Learning to Read the Scientific Literature

  • In Module 3, your Rocket Girl will learn how to read scientific abstracts and articles, in preparation for starting her own research project.  No one teaches this, especially at the high school level, and your daughter will learn it here first.
  • In Module 3, I show your daughters where the most fulfilling and highest paid careers are, and likely to be, in their lifetime.
  • We expend so much effort getting our daughters into college, but little to no effort once they get there.
  • What’s more important, planning for college, or planning for life?


Rocket Girls is a powerful organization that is INVALUABLE to girls wanting to break into STEM careers! Founder Melanie Fine is brilliant, passionate and incredibly knowledgeable! She will deliver the results you want! I absolutely recommend working with her! - Jennifer P.



Module 4:

Choosing a Research Topic

  • Now that your daughter has learned to read scientific articles, she will use these skills to find a problem that needs a solution, which will form the basis of her Research Project.
  • The right Research Project is crucial to making it to the top science competitions like Intel ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair), Regeneron’s Science Talent Search and the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology.
  • Each of these competitions brings together the best and the brightest, confers prestige to all participants, awards large financial prizes, and is scouted by the science departments of the country’s best colleges.


Module 5:

Finding Mentors

  • In Module 5, your daughter will begin to search for a scientist she will choose to be her mentor.


Module 6:

Choosing a Mentor

  • In module 6, your daughter will reach out to potential mentors in order to find the right one.

Did you know...

60% of Nobel Prize Recipients had Nobel Prize winners as mentors?

Module 7:

The Girls of Summer

  • Some of the greatest science research opportunities are available to high school students in top summer programs such as RSI and Simons.
  • In this module, your daughter will research these opportunities, and apply to some as well.

Module 8:

You are Made of Star Stuff

  • Module 8 will introduce your Rocket Girl to some of the essential skills that Sheryl Sandberg talks about in her landmark bestseller Lean In.
  • Your daughter will reflect on the life she can craft for herself when she refuses to take a passive role in her future, and instead “takes a seat at the table.”

This 8-module course consists of video, audio, worksheets and one-on-one coaching directly with me to apply the lessons to your daughter’s individual needs.  She retains access to these videos, audios and worksheets for life.

The Rocket Girls Blastoff Program contains over 12 hours of content and private coaching that is unlike anything offered anywhere else on the web.  If your daughter worked with a top private college counselor, it could cost upwards of $10000.

It is the career and life focus that should guide your daughter’s college selection, not the other way around.

Though a good college counselor can support your daughter into choosing the right college, we at Rocket Girls support your daughter in choosing the right career and life focus.  It is the career and life focus that should guide your daughter’s college selection, not the other way around.  Yet most of us worry about getting into college, and let the career choice take care of itself.  College is four years and then it’s done.  Your career serves you for the rest of your life. 

Let me be completely honest here.  If you want to join this program so that it will look good on your college application, do NOT join this course.  There are lots of other ways to shine your light on a college application.

But, if science IS your light… if you REALLY want to do science, and you REALLY want to get a taste of what a future doing science would look like, and if you REALLY want to declare your future rather than leave it to happenstance, than I urge you to enroll today.

This summer is the perfect time to complete this program.

THIS summer is the PERFECT time to complete this program, because it’s the one time of year you and I have a surplus of time.  Once the school year begins again, you will have many activities competing for your time.  In addition, by completing the program THIS summer, you will be ready and prepared for the coming school year, knowing which courses to take, which tests to take, and which awesome Summer Research Programs to apply to.

I’m opening this program to 12 Rocket Girls, my awesome beta group.   Once these 12 spots are gone, they're gone.

If you are interested in talking with me about this program please schedule a call with me here:


I hope you’re as excited as I am about this opportunity.  Don’t delay.  Start a chat with me now.

I look forward to supporting your daughter’s amazing journey in science and math.

All the best,


Melanie Fine


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