High School 4-Year-Plan for Science Majors

Considering that Rocket Girls are expected to take the highest level mathematics and science courses in high school, here’s the Rocket Girl’s ideal math and science schedule for her four years in high school.

Freshman Year
Geometry (or its equivalent)
Biology (or Physics, if you go to a Physics-first school)

Sophomore Year
Algebra 2 (or its equivalent)


Junior Year
Chemistry AP

SAT II Subject Test: Chemistry
SAT II Subject Test: Mathematics Level II

Senior Year
Calculus AP
Physics C AP

SAT II Subject Test: Physics

What if my high school doesn’t offer some of these courses?
Take the equivalent that your high school does offer. You can also take these courses at a local community college or online. Rest assured, though, that you will never be asked by an admissions committee why you didn’t take a course that wasn’t offered at your school. On the other hand, you will always be asked why you didn’t take one of the above courses if it was offered.

What if my math skills are not good enough to take this sequence?
Do everything you can to bring your math skills up to the level they need to be. Read my article, “Does a Rocket Girl Have to be Good at Math?”

What if my school offers IB instead of, or in addition to, AP?
Read my article on AP vs IB here.

What is the difference between SAT II Subject Test: Mathematics I and Mathematics II?
Read my article on the SAT II Mathematics Subject Tests here.

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